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Our Team


Our Team

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TEC's owner-operator approach focuses on maximizing investment performance and is built on a culture of great people delivering exceptional results. TEC successfully navigated complex entitlement processes in different markets across South Florida. The company understands the myriad of potential pitfalls and opportunities that add value to a development deal. TEC leverages it's in-house expertise through our full service vertically integrated platform to create a detailed roadmap delivery, complete with all aspects of development risk, before embarking upon a project and through execution.

The combination of in-house expertise and a disciplined investment approach gives TEC superior price advantage and a competitive edge over its competitors.

TEC has an "all boots on the ground" presence with expertise in every aspect of real estate development, including acquisitions, construction, management, architecture, design, sales, and leasing. 

Our success is our people.

Robert Suris

Managing Principal

Jeff Ardizon


Alejandro Arrieta



Ignacio M. DuQuesne

VP, Acquisitions


Carlos Lopez

Chief Financial Officer


Janet Bravo

VP, Residential Operations

Cooper Green

General Counsel

Eduardo R. Robayna

Associate, General Counsel

Nicholas Diaz-Silveira

Development Manager

Jesse Espinosa

Controller, Corporate

Hortensia Otero

Controller, Construction


Angelica Loucraft

Architecture, Design, Planning

David Deka

Director, Land Development

Alisbet Pro Photo.jpg

Alisbet Perez

Director, Construction Procurement

Javier Caso

Director, Construction

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