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The Estate Companies ("TEC") got established 2012 to identify and coordinate investment opportunities for private and institutional investors, manage the development of the projects and execute an exit strategy maximizing its value for all stakeholders.



TEC focuses on high-yielding, risk-adjusted, development, and investment opportunities involving land and residential projects located in the South Florida region. Principals and Officers have been conducting business for over three decades. Strong ties to the community have allowed TEC to develop an unparalleled knowledge of market fundamentals, as well as develop a broad network of industry contacts to source, fund, and execute on new opportunities.


The depth of TEC's expertise and its entrepreneurial organizational structure, along with its real estate investment experience, allow it to react quickly to opportunities. A disciplined and professional approach is applied to every transaction to evaluate maximum market potential. TEC takes special care to ensure that transparent and complete financial and progress information routinely flows to every level of stakeholders throughout the entire life cycle of each investment transaction.

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