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Development consisting of more than 300 new dwellings coming to Riviera Beach

Some dwellings will be for sale, others will be for rent

Riviera Beach city council approves plans to build a housing development at North Military Trail and Leo Lane.

RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. — Riviera Beach City Council met Wednesday night and approved plans to build a housing development at North Military Trail and Leo Lane.

The development, called Soleste on the Trail, will bring a total of 315 new dwellings to Riviera Beach. The plans show 60 townhomes for sale and 255 multi-family units for rent.

Councilperson Julia Botel believes it's a great idea and will make a great addition to the city.

City of Riviera Beach

The Riviera Beach City Council met on Nov. 29, 2023, and approved the Soleste on the Trail housing development.

Residents said they're happy to see development coming to this area of Riviera Beach.

"I am for it simply due to the fact that we need housing," Riviera Beach resident Mary Brabham. "It is a desperate need in the housing market now."


Mary Brabham, a Riviera Beach resident, explained to WPTV reporter Cassandra Garcia why she supports the project called Soleste on the Trail.

No one expressed their disapproval of the project during Wednesday night's council meeting. However, there were several questions about the development's site plan.

As a result of this development, a school bus stop will be relocated. Developers are working with the school district to make this happen.

For now, the project has received the green light to move forward.

November 2023. WPTV West Palm Beach.


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